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About us

Who is the American Life Music Council?

American Life Music Council (ALMC) is a national coalition of healthcare providers geared to further valued communication with clients, patients and families through integrating self-directed music listening goals, objectives and outcomes with person-centered professional counseling.

What is Life Music Care™ LMC?

Self-directed music listening activities endeavored to improve personal wellness goals, objectives and outcomes is termed Life Music Care™ LMC.

What is ALMC's Mission?

Our Mission is to further participatory health modalities through self-directed music listening integration, education and outcomes.

Who Should Join ALMC?

Professional practitioners who can benefit from joining ALMC and conducting Life Music Care™ (LMC) Certified Provider services many include:

  • Primary Care Doctors
  • Family Doctors
  • Pediatricians
  • Psychiatrists and PsyD's
  • Surgeons
  • Geriatric Care Professionals
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists 
  • Physician Consultants
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Home Health Care Professionals
  • End of life doulas
  • Psychologists and PhD's
  • Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctors
  • Naturopathic Doctors
  • Social Workers and LCSW's
  • and more.

Why Aren't Music Therapists Among the List of Who Should Join ALMC?

American Life Music Council (ALMC) is not a music therapy organization and does not administer or supply music therapy information, education or supporting content. Professional practitioners that maintain a music therapy degree and/or are studying to earn a degree in music therapy should join their respective music therapy organization(s).

What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate Wellness (aka Workplace wellness) is any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve health outcomes. Known as 'corporate wellbeing' outside the US, workplace wellness often comprises activities such as health education, medical screenings, weight management programs, on-site fitness programs or facilities.

What are the benefits of Corporate Wellness in the Workplace?

Workplace Wellness can help a company:

  • Superior Corporate Culture
  • Lower Absentee Rates
  • Engaged Employees
  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Attract and Retain Top Talent
  • Improved Productivity

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EI) is most often defined as the ability to perceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions. People with high emotional intelligence can recognize their own emotions and those of others, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, and adjust emotions to adapt to environments.[1] Although the term first appeared in 1964,[2] it gained popularity in the 1995 best-selling book Emotional Intelligence, written by science journalist Daniel Goleman. Goleman defined EI as the array of skills and characteristics that drive leadership performance.[3]

What are the benefits of Emotional intelligence Coaching?

Emotional Intelligence coaching can help persons and families:

  • Self Awareness
  • Empathy
  • Motivation
  • Self Regulation
  • Social Skills
  • Control

Where can I get more questions answered?

Individuals with further questions are welcome to contact Glenn Dewitt, Chair at ALMC via Linkedin at the following link:

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