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About Miracle Music Awards

What is Miracle Music Awards?

Miracle Music Awards—Awarding Songs That Saves Lives™ is a multimedia awareness program that honors incredible stories of complementary and alternative uses of music in personal healthcare treatment administered by American Life Music Council, LLC dedicated to furthering complementary and alternative uses of music in quality of life care.

How does nominating life saving  songs help save lives?

Nominating life saving song helps others realize they're not alone in their thoughts and provides a music based resource that others have used to help stimulate positive thinking which can help save lives.

What qualifies as a "life saving song”?

The phrase "life saving song" does not need to be taken literally however the song nominated should  have played a role in supporting a positive change in the individual nominating the song.

What Criteria Should a Nominated Song Maintain?

  1. The song must be mastered at -3db to -6db volume level on an analog meter.
  2. The song must contain a repetitive chorus with at least one verse
  3. If the song is recorded in a language other than english, then the song must contain an English version of the song
  4. The song may be any type of music style, genera, culture
  5. The song must be recorded using at least one musical instrument. A human voice is a music instrument
  6. The song must contain a mastered recording of the song on a digital audio or video file that the general public can listen to and/or without having to purchase the file
  7. The artist and/or songwriter of the nominated song may be alive or deceased
  8. The song must be registered with a performance rights organization such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC
  9. The song must contain a “hook" (a catchy combination of melody, lyrics and/or rhythm that stays in the listener's head)
  10. The song must be used to help improve or support a stated physical or mental issue or condition.
  11. The song must be self-directed by the listener and/ or facilitator
  12. Songs or albums that contain a Parental Advisory Explicit Content label will not be listed on ALMC's website as governed by ALMC Board of Standards Terms of Use.

Can I nominate more than one song?

Yes, you can nominate as many songs as you wish to receive a Miracle Music Award, so long as each song nominated has played a role in supporting a positive change in the individual nominating the song.

Is there a cost for the general public to nominate "life saving songs”?

There is currently a free option for the general public to nominate their "life saving songs”. However, ALMC Board of Standards may restrict an account for exceeding the number of nominations allotted in any one given month which ALMC currently does not disclose.

Can I make a donation to ALMC without nominating a song?

Yes, the general public can make a non-tax deductible donation of any dollar amount they wish to ALMC. 

Can I nominate a "life saving song" on behalf of another person?

For a song to be considered for a Miracle Music Award, ALMC  Board of Standards requires that the song has been nominated by the party to which the song has supported a positive change.

Can I nominate the same song more than once?

You can nominate the same song more than once which will increase it rating, however multiple nominations of the same song by the same person does not increase criteria applied by ALMC Board of Standards when voting for nominated songs to be awarded.

What style of music can be nominated for a Miracle Music Award?

Any style of music by any artist which offers a free link to its sound recording and contains lyrics currently recorded in English may be nominated for a Miracle Music Award.

Does ALMC keep my information private?

Please refer to ALMC's Privacy Policy for details pertaining to our consumer privacy policy.

Is your end-of-life patient stuck finding meaning at the end of life? 

Offer to nominate their “life-saving-song” for a Miracle Music Award today! We hear the effects are profound!  NOMINATE A SONG

Where can I get more questions answered?

Individuals with further questions are welcome to contact Glenn Dewitt, Chair at ALMC via Linkedin at the following link:  linkedin.com/in/glenn-dewitt-848336162

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