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Miracle Music Award Nominations

Supporting Categories

Songs nominated for Miracle Music Awards below are listed under the category the nominee has selected in their application and is not the intention of ALMC to suggest the song in the category will and/or will not support or benefit any one individual in the same manner.

Bereavement, Grief

"So helpful when my son suffered a severe traumatic brain injury"

“We lost our daughter to a long battle last year and wish we found this sooner”

“There’s a grief that can’t be spoken. But music helps me speak."

PTSD, Trauma

"This song has been incredibly meaningful to me in my recovery from harmful relationships."

"This song gave me permission to express my rage in a safe way!"

Motivation or Energy

"This song brings me focus, relieves anxiety and stress, and empowers me to keep going despite the obstacles in my path."

"We all have some dreams in our hearts and very often we are discouraged to pursue them because of difficulties in our lives. This song reminds you that you have courage and power to chase your dream no matter how difficult that it is going to be."

Mood or Attitude

Chronic Pain


"I would have to say the category is Other"

Spiritual Healing

“I am really torn between categories but SH hallows my LSS best so here you go”

"With heavy hearts for all those who have served we thank you and keep you in our thoughts and prayers always"

Addiction, Recovery

"This song helped me out so much"

Mindfulness, Cognition

Feelings of Compassion or Love

Stress and/or Anxiety

"Save my Daughter's life by helping recover from mental anxiety with a simple song"


"This always makes my day!"

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